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    L.A. MARMI is an Italian company, internationally known. For more than 30 years, Rolando Agnelli has been dealing with Botticino marble: thanks to his strong pioneering spirit he has founded L.A. MARMI in 1988. L.A. MARMI produces in its own plants both slabs and tiles.

    Botticino is a special kind of marble aesthetically characterized by its veined frame on a cream base. It is also known for its strength and compactness and therefore can be used in many different ways, for both interiors and exteriors. For all these reasons, Botticino is a product of very high value.

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    Our Botticino surfaces have a striking effect due to the coordination of colour and texture. Here you can see all our surface finishes at a glance.

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      Polishing a natural stone finish involves grinding, sanding, and buffing the stone to a high-gloss, mirror-like surface.. A polished finish is very smooth and reflective. Polished surfaces are commonly found used as interior and exterior wall cladding, fireplace surrounds and kitchen as well as bath countertops (both residential and commercial).

    • HONED

      Honed finishes still involve grinding and sanding, but not to the point of a glossy finish. Unlike polished finishes, they’re not reflective. Rather, honed finishes create a satin smooth and matte surface that reflects very little light.


      This finish is obtained by brushing the stone surface with a coarse rotary-type wire brush until it becomes finely textured. Because of the brushing process, stone surfaces with this finish are more porous in comparison to the glossy polished ones.


      To achieve this industrial-styled look, a hydraulic bush is hammered into the surface of the stone. It creates a large number of close and small indents. The result is an evenly textured surface that’s ideal for non-slip characteristics in high-traffic applications.


      Sandblasting a surface gives a special finish that enhances the natural look of the stone. This type of finish is created and archived by the application of going through a sand or fine iron grain pressurizing machine, which makes the surface rough and opaque.

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